Greater Orlando TNBA Senate


Message From President

Senate Members:

It is hard to believe that we are approaching the beginning of another exciting year. Our total membership has grown to over 155 members. We now have senate representation on the Florida USBC Board and it has become evident that the Greater Orlando Senate is at the table and is committed to making a difference in Central Florida. We cannot say enough about our Junior Bowler Program. While recently attending the TNBA Summer Executive Board, I learned that our Junior Program is one of the largest in the nation. Much of that prominence goes to Adult Volunteer Castillo Mitchell. His work with junior bowlers is noted throughout the TNBA bowling community and has a direct link to the large number of high school bowlers who participate in our program and who ultimately earn college scholarships. Please encourage Cast to keep up the great work when you see him. 

Earlier this year we had several of our members roll perfect games. Unfortunately, there were at least two leagues where those scores where achieved without those leagues being certified.  We recognize that relying on bowlers to submit the certification documentation is not working. This season we are using a different strategy. Our senate will pay certification fees where we have TNBA senate members participating. The list of certified leagues that the senate is covering is on the senate website Please check the site to make certain that leagues that you bowl in are included. If not, please let the senate secretary know. 

Sunshine Challenge Tournament participation continues to increase. Also, the competition is becoming even more intensive. I can proudly report that Orlando Senate bowlers held their own against bowlers from other senates. The fact that our Pearl Ings took first place in the Mixed Doubles is especially noteworthy.
Our 3rd Annual Fall Classic Tournament was an overwhelming success. We saw the highest bowler participation levels across all events in the history of the tournament. There was a corresponding increase in total payout amounts. This unprecedented success represents a direct reflection of the quality of effort and organization that Ramona Smith, our Tournament Director, brought to the process. This was her first time running a bowling tournament and she did a great job. We are in the early planning phases for our Lady Anchor Tournament, January 2019. Bowlers are already requesting tournament information. We may not have enough center capacity to accommodate the bowler interest levels so please get your entry applications in as soon as possible.  

Since things are moving so fast, our board is using multiple communications strategies to reach our members (phone calls, emails, text, and social media platforms) in limited situations, and meetings. The board’s success in reaching each member depends on the accuracy of information provided. Our having accurate information will help us keep you informed. You can help us by regularly attending senate meetings, providing accurate contact information and sharing your thoughts and ideas. 

Rick Harris, President